35% Hyperlite Slick 540

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70cc 35% HyperLITE 105" Slick 540 Starter Kit

70cc 35%! yes 70cc 35%
HyperLITE 105" Slick 540 Starter Kit
Fibertech N More Edition
The 105" wingspan HyperLITE Slick was designed after its big brother 42%. With the super strong but lighter stick frame and foam sheeted parts allows for a smaller class motor set up at a lower cost. There is no Light ply used for any structural strength. We use a stronger grade of ply that falls between Light ply and Birch. All former's and motor box parts are CNC Router cut. CNC Router cut parts produce a nice clean part compared to Laser parts. All foam parts are cut on a CNC machine. You will find the plans are Cad drawings with extra detail to allow better and more efficient use of build time. 
The new fiberglass cowl has the intakes already molded in. This makes it easier on builder and saves time. The new fiberglass lay up method we use eliminates 99% of the pin holes.
A real joy to fly for 3D and Precision performance. Light wing load and popper CL makes doing rollers look like a pro. Thick fuse adds ease for KE flite. The DA70 is a perfect match for this plane.
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Proudly Designed and Produced in the USA!!
Reg Price  $699.95 
Wing Span: 105"
Fuse Length with spinner 96-97" Including Spinner
Weight depending on set up: 18.5-19.5lbs
Motor 70cc (DA70 recommended)
 Starter Kit Includes
   ♦  Full scale Cad Drawn Plans, Reference Sheets, Manual in PDF
   ♦  CNC Router Cut Parts  
   ♦  CNC cut Foam Wing, Vertical & Horizontal Tail, Front & Rear Deck
       Lower Belly
   ♦  Premium Vacuum Formed Canopy
   ♦  Premium Fiberglass Cowl (2 Piece) with molded in Intakes
   ♦  Premium Fiberglass Wheel Pants
 Items Required by Builder for Completing Starter Kit:
   ♦  4" Wheels
   ♦  J&J Traditional Tailwheel (Option)
   ♦  Hardware
   ♦  DA70cc Engine (Option)
   ♦  Spinner 4.5" CF with Aluminum Back Plate
   ♦  Radio Gear
   ♦  CF Landing gear (Option)
   ♦  CF Wing Tube and Sleeve 1-1/2" x 48" from Fibertech N More (Option)
   ♦  CF Stab Tube and Sleeve 5/8" x 36" from Fibertech N More (Option)
 Wood Materials Required 
             Balsa – Medium Density
        (35pc) - 3/8” x 3/8”x 48” Sticks-  Fuse Framing
        (5pc) - 3/8” x 36” Tri-stock- Motor Box and Misc
        (3pc) - ½” x 36” Tri-Stock- Firewall
       (10pc) - 1/8” x ½” x 48” Sticks- Traing Edge Caps & W Bracing
         (2pc) -½” x ½” x 12” Oak Rails- Landing Gear
            Balsa Sheets- Light:
         (52pc) - 1/16” x 4” x 36” - Foam Sheeting
          (5pc) – ½” x 3” x 48”- Hinge Line Material (use 3/4" for Extra 3D Throws)
            Balsa Sheets – Extra Light
         (2pc) – 1/8” x 4” x 48”- All Caps
         (5pc) - 1/2” x 1” x 48”- Leading Edge Material
Replacement Parts can be purchased from Fibertech N More
Such Items: 2pc Cowl, Wheel Pants, Clear Canopy, CNC Router Cut Parts, CNC Cut Foam Parts, Tail Wheel Assembly, Servo Arms


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