42% Hyperlite Slick 540 “Short Kit” No Foam

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100cc 42% HyperLITE 119" Slick 540 “Short Kit” (No Foam)

100cc 42%!! yes 100cc 42%
HyperLITE 119" Slick 540 Starter Kit
Fibertech N More Edition
The 119" wingspan HyperLITE Slick was designed around the 85cc-100cc class. With the super strong but lighter stick frame and foam sheeted parts allows for a smaller class motor set up at a lower cost. There is no Light ply used for any structural strength. We use a stronger grade of ply that falls between Light ply and Birch. All former's and motor box parts are CNC Router cut. CNC Router cut parts produce a nice clean part compared to Laser parts. You will find the plans are Cad drawings with extra detail to allow better and more efficient use of build time. A real joy to fly for 3D and Precision performance.
Proudly Designed and Produced in the USA!!
Wing Span: 119"
Fuse Length with spinner 109"
Weight depending on set up: 26-28lbs
Motor 85cc-120cc (DA100 recommended)
 Short Kit Includes
   ♦  Full scale Cad Drawn Plans, Reference Sheets, Manual in PDF
   ♦  CNC Router Cut Parts  
   ♦  Cad plans for foam templates
   ♦  Premium Vacuum Formed Canopy
   ♦  Premium Fiberglass Cowl (2 Piece)
   ♦  Premium Fiberglass Wheel Pants
 Items Required by Builder for Completing Short Kit:
   ♦  4" Wheels
   ♦  J&J Traditional Tailwheel (Option)
   ♦  Hardware
   ♦  DA100cc Engine (Option)
   ♦  Radio Gear
   ♦  CF Landing gear (Option)
   ♦  CF Wing Tube and Sleeve 1-1/2" x 48"  (Option)
   ♦  CF Stab Tube and Sleeve 3/4" x 36"  (Option)
 Wood Materials Required
             Balsa – Medium Density
        (35pc) - 3/8” x 3/8”x 48” Sticks 
        (6pc) - 3/8” x 36” Tri-stock 
        (3pc) - ½” x 36” Tri-Stock
       (10pc) - 1/8” x ½” x 48” Sticks
         (2pc) -½” x ½” x 12” Oak Rails
            Balsa Sheets- Light:
         (48pc) - 1/16” x 4” x 48” 
          (6pc) – ½” x 3” x 48”
            Balsa Sheets – Extra Light
         (2pc) – 1/8” x 4” x 48”
         (5pc) - 1/2” x 1” x 48”
Replacement Parts can be purchased from Fibertech N More
Such Items: 2pc Cowl, Wheel Pants, Clear Canopy, CNC Router cut parts


(No reviews yet) Write a Review