50oz Gas Fuel Tank

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Version 2 of the RTF Tanks!!! *NOTE* NOTHING is wrong with v1 tanks!! These are only updated with Brass fittings instead of aluminum and a BRASS CLUNK tube for a stable fuel pick up.! ALL Tanks are leak tested at our facility!

Here at Tail Dragger RC we listen to our market and look for the accessories we can provide to fill a void in your needs. Just in time we introduce our upgraded fuel tank!

NO more leaks or plastic fittings to break! Our tanks provide alloy fittings and fuel cap for durable no frills use.

Fuel cap is alloy and the barbed fuel fitting is machined into the cap reducing any chance of fitting leaks! The cap itself has a rubber O-ring to ensure the seal.

Includes alloy 90 degree fittings (no plastic pe to break!)

3 line setup (fill, vent, carb) and uses our bulletproof TPU blue fuel line!

Alloy clunk

Brass barb to keep the fuel line stable and straight

Velcro included


9.5"L x 4"T x 3.5"W


(No reviews yet) Write a Review